A Look Back…

The 2015 San Francisco Fall Show

We’re all looking forward to a return to normal; a time when visiting a restaurant, a concert or an art and antiques fair is not something to think twice about. In the meantime, we can always reminisce about the days of old (i.e. pre-2020) when we did not appreciate the little things quite as much as we do now. In that spirit, here is a trip back to 2015 when the show theme was fittingly, ‘Time After Time’.

The Show introduced a new element to the Grand Entry Hall in 2015: The Designer Vignettes. With the support of DE GOURNAY, we set out to create curated scenes that tied in with the show theme and showcased items from our illustrious exhibitors. For each vignette, de Gournay created custom, hand-painted wallpaper in collaboration with each of the designers.

The designers invited for the inaugural year of the vignettes were FISHER WEISMAN, ALLISON CACCOMA and GEOFFREY DE SOUSA, along with architecture firm IKE KLIGERMAN BARKLEY who was tapped to create the vignette structure, a black shingle-style that drew on the crisp geometry of origami to create a series of porches; folded planes of cedar shingle supported a timber pergola, creating shingle-framed stages for the vignettes.

The 2015 Grand Entry Hall Vignettes

Fisher Weisman’s ‘Midnight Tea in the Garden of Antiquity’ was a fantasy scene featuring Andrew Fisher’s 24k gilded tapestry floating against the custom de Gournay wallpaper, with pieces from exhibiting dealers.

‘Midnight Tea in the Garden of Antiquity’ by Fisher Weisman Photograph by Drew Altizer

Allison Caccoma created ‘Lounging in the Reflection of the 18th Century’ by wrapping the walls in a custom de Gournay paper–a bold version of an 18th century textile design documented at the V&A in London. She enlarged the scale of the pattern and paired it with a high-gloss, graphic painted floor, giving it a contemporary feel. Mid-century salon chairs paired with an 18th century cabinet and modern lamp work together in an endurance of the test of time.

‘Lounging in the Reflection of the 18th Century’ by Allison Caccoma. Photograph by Drew Altizer

Geoffrey De Sousa paid homage to his Portuguese heritage and the mid-century Brazilian furniture designer, Joaquim Tenreiro with ‘Passagem do Tempo’ (Passage of Time). The vignette was surrounded by the sculptural Araucaria Forest hand painted on silk by de Gournay.  The horizontal, spreading branches reference the space age forms iconic to the mid-century period. 

‘Passagem do Tempo’ by Geoffrey De Sousa. Photograph by Drew Altizer

The Loan Exhibit, curated by Philip M. Bewley presented a selection of some of the finest period clocks produced in the late 18th century from the private collection of Ann Getty. These extraordinary clocks have movements by the finest horologists of the day, with cases that express the highest aesthetic ideals of the period.

‘Time After Time’ Loan Exhibit, curated by Philip M. Bewley, Photograph by Drew Altizer

Our exhibitors that year brought the very best as always. And all was unveiled at the Opening Night Gala, an evening everyone looks forward to each Fall, and that we look forward to once again in the near future!

Michael Purdy, Jack Calhoun, Trent Norris, and Jay Jeffers. Photograph by Drew Altizer

Kaylee Whitworth. Photograph by Drew Altizer

Show Chair, Suzanne Tucker and Summer Tompkins Walker. Photograph by Drew Altizer

Pamela Babey and Kathleen Taylor. Photograph by Drew Altizer

Samantha DuVall Bechtel and Darren Bechtel. Photograph by Drew Altizer

Alison Gelb Pincus, Flynn Kuhnert, Hutton Wilkinson. Photograph by Drew Altizer

Trevor Traina and Alexis Traina. Photograph by Drew Altizer

Hilary Helfrich, Ally Fleming. Photograph by Drew Altizer

Happy Shoppers! Photograph by Drew Altizer

By Ariane Maclean Trimuschat

Ariane served as Show Director for the San Francisco Fall Show for seven years through 2019. She is now the show’s Director-at-Large, living in Westport, Connecticut with her family.  Follow Ariane on her blog, SOJOURNEST, where she focuses on all things home and travel and on Instagram at @arianetrim