At Home with Charlotte Moss

Charlotte Moss’s 2018 vignette at the show was inspired by the Italian landscapes in the drawings of Antonio Basoli, a set designer, decorator and painter from Bologna. Our theme that year was ‘The Sun, the Moon and the Stars’, and it was no surprise that Charlotte chose the Sun and that her vignette was reminiscent of stunning, wide open spaces. Now, two years later as we are spending all our time at home, I asked her about her favourite room. “In New York it’s my library because it is all about books and reading, there are no distractions, like work. In the country, my screened porch by the fire with a book. It always comes back to reading” she says.

“Sun”, Designer Vignette by Charlotte Moss, at the 2018 San Francisco Fall Show
Photo credit: Drew Altizer

And how does one create an inviting feeling in their home? “It is how things collectively make me feel. Charlotte believes, “together, the goal is to be inviting, comfortable and elegant. When a house is personal, you can tell that someone has taken care to be themselves, they have not fallen victim to a ‘style’ or a ‘look’ because it’s what’s trending.

Photo credit: Simon Upton

Relaxing at home she says is having the time to putter. The ability to putter is in itself relaxing! And what colors are best for relaxing? “I find monochromatic schemes very calming, low contrast light to medium notes, she says. I love it when a client responds to a palette I’m drawn to…that’s a motivator.”

Photo credit: Simon Upton

As many people are working from home these days, we are all looking for ways to stay organized. “It requires discipline to stay focused. I am good at it…most of the time,” says Charlotte. “It’s not easy.  I have a sitting room office in my house in New York, it is stockpiled with books, projects…personal and work related…there really is no separation.”

Photo credit: Miguel Flores Vianna

Charlotte admits that even with many cancelled engagements and no travel or commute on her calendar, she has no free time. “I am running my business, writing a book, running contests on Instagram to raise money for charity.” She finds a respite at night, when she can read or watch a movie, needlepoint in hand. But she is not breaking any rules using the excuse of confinement. “I am doing things differently, as we all are.” She says, “I have MADE one rule though…EXERCISE EVERY DAY…No excuses…period.” 

Photo credit: Pieter Estersohn

by Ariane Trimuschat, Director-at-Large