Interview with Ken Fulk

San Francisco designer extraordinaire Ken Fulk will dream up the fourth vignette at the upcoming Fall Art & Antiques Show. Ken is a designer of experiences big and small. He is renowned for his exuberant interiors, high-concept brand identities and over-the-top parties. The Virginia-born designer has spent the last 25 years developing a business by elevating the daily lives of his clients, not only designing their homes, jets, restaurants and hotels but also directing their birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and family getaways.

Leading a team of 70 architects, designers, artisans, branding and event specialists in both San Francisco and New York, Fulk has expanded his impact around the globe. In addition to current residential work from Mexico to Miami and Provence to Provincetown, Ken Fulk has made his mark in New York over the past year with three new restaurants including the renowned Legacy Records restaurant, the highly decorative Felix Roasting Co., and Noda, an exquisite omakase jewel box. And now, with the long-awaited launch of Saint Joseph’s Arts Society in San Francisco, Fulk is able to offer his rarefied experiences to the community at large.

How did you first become interested in antiques? 
Growing up in Virginia I was absolutely enthralled by the many historic homes and the wonderful antiques that often filled them.
Are there any specific historic periods that you are drawn to?
I have a fondness for early primitive American pieces and folk art. I also have a mild obsession with Biedermeier furniture.

In your interior design work, what is your approach to incorporating art and antiques?
Buy what you love. Every project needs tension. A modern painting never looked better than when it’s sitting above an 18th century chest.
What was your most favorite/memorable art/antique find? Or alternatively, can you tell us about “the one that got away”?
Many years ago, on a buying trip to London, I happened upon a series of antique haberdashery cabinets that had been removed from a famed Savile Row storefront. They were so beautifully crafted that I snapped them up hoping that someday I’d find a home for them. Thankfully, they worked perfectly when it came time to outfit my San Francisco dressing room. Each morning I get the pleasure of “shopping” for that day’s wardrobe.
What most excites you about coming to the San Francisco Fall Art & Antiques Show?
It’s such a celebratory occasion. Everyone truly seems excited to be there; dealers and patrons alike.